Wednesday, November 23, 2011

winter musings: the snowboarder/cool skier swagger

I think I have begun to like that boarder/cool skier look. I recently went to go see the new Warren Miller movie (a tradition) and it was AWESOME! The movie was called, ...Like There's No Tomorrow. And afterwards I was talking to my sister and I said, "I think I can pull those outfits off!" My sisters comment was, "Ya, I am suuuuure!"

So, I think I have this look down...

You will need:

A Burton beenie

Ray-Bans, or Vuarnet cat eyes (must be a neon or bright color) 

Baggy and brightly colored jacket (can be patterned) 

These are by Burton as well

Solid colored slouchy pants (with or without suspenders or without) - these are Roxy

Moon Boots- the original... BTW.

But you can't be all hat and no cowboy, you need the swag.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The cleat fad

This year, there has been this fad. The colored cleat fad. It spread like wild fire though my soccer team. First, it was my friend and I, sporting the neon orange (mine) and black with neon green (my friend) F50s by Adidas, but now E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E has them! HOORAY FOR COLOR!!!!!

Then, last weekend, while I was cider pressing with some family friends, the mother of one family showed me these AWESOME cleats!

I was blown away.

They have color. Class. And were nicely made.

What where they?


The daughter has these! Fun! 

I think their colorful! 

Thanks Anna for showing me! 

-Ms. Fashion

Monday, August 8, 2011

school year prep

Everybody wants to impress people when they come back to school. Look at my great tan! Look at my awesome new hair cut! With my easy to-do you don't need a trip to the beach or salon, you'll just look great.

Tip No. 1- Nails

Okay, I can just feel all those not-so-girly girls rolling their eyes. Many people choose to not paint their nails and many people do, but what you choose is what what counts. Either way, you have no excuse to have badly kept nails. Any easy way to keep your nails healthy is to buy a mini manicure bag, that you could slip in your backpack or keep in your bathroom.

I have this one: Image Maker

It has all the basics and it has a nice waterproof case, I found mine in a shop in downtown Hanover, I tried to find it online but nothing looked right, sorry.

Tip No. 2- Skin

Summer can be a good or bad time of year for your skin. The summer heat can make your skin oily and applying sunscreen (please apply, anyway) can fill your pores.

I like this scrub, it has no acids, and helps take away all the sunscreen in your pores.

St. Ives Pore Clearing  Scrub, $3.00-$5.00 at drugstores

Trick: to minimize blemishes pull your hair back in a ponytail or put on an elastic headband when you go to bed, it helps keep hair out of your face.

Tip No. 3- Taming the beast (a.k.a hair)

Hair can become dry and practically un-manageable from the summer heat, easy solution? Moisture, that also repairs split ends. I got this in my Easter basket (is somebody try trying to tell me something?), and the best part is you can apply it to your hair dry, and helps you style your hair. Need a high ponytail without fly-ways? Check!

Neutrogena Triple Moisture,  $7.00 dollars at drugstores

Try out some new hair styles as well, like a higher pony or a fish net braid!

Get ready for school now, dahlings. By school everyone will be like, "wow, {insert name here} you look amazing!"

 *smirking* ... I mean *smiling*

-ms. f

Monday, July 18, 2011

out to lunch

I love bringing my own food to school, it helps the planet! I love my Built lunchbox and Klean Kanteen, I have had my Built for 2 years and my Klean Kanteen for less then one, now all of my friends have them too! 

Built is a company that make lunch boxes, computer and camera cases, plus many other colorful and cheery stuff! They are Eco conscious (no need for those brown paper lunch bags any more!) and are made of durable neoprene. Neoprene is the fabric commonly used in scuba diver suits because it keeps things insulated and warm, but for lunches, cold! 

 I have this one!  $25.00

Next on my list is water, 'cause you couldn't possibly go thirsty, right? 

I love, love, love my klean kanteen (besides the spelling, har har) 

They are stainless steel and and come in many sizes and colors! I have a purple one but I like this color too! :D $18.00-$26.00

Friday, July 1, 2011

My sidebar

you have to check out Love & Toast's summer page! SOOOOOO COOOOL! It is so awesome it made my side bar! 

Clickity, Click, Click..... Here

When all else fails, be bright

I will not have a bland and boring summer. Color is a friend! Neons are a pal! And any nail color that will catch a few looks, is a bestie! I love summer!

I love having the time to organize and buy cool things for next year. Have a great time this summer and spend the day realizing the cool things that summer has to offer! When shopping I like to buy pieces that you can wear with anything, it is an instant way to make your wardrobe bigger and your outfits more unique! Uniqueness rules! Be creative!

Colorful things I like...

for/under $5.00-ish

Flowers are bright and spunky! These remind me slightly of Marc Jacobs Daisy and Lola perfumes.     $4.99 for a set of 3

For/under $10.00-ish

   Neon Yellow Aviators! They are SWEET! And not a bad price at all!               $5.80

Forever 21 is an okay brand, they don't always have the best quality, but if you need a pair of cheap glasses why not neon?

For/under $15.00-ish

  These are cool colors! There is also neon orange, green and yellow. NEON IS AWESOME!      $15.00 for a pack of 3

p.s. check out these hooks I got for my room!

I am planning to put them up for sweaters, bags and hats in room!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Aunt is cool

My aunt recently brought me back the latest color in Britain last weekend! She saw people everywhere wearing it, so she asked about it and she gave it to me! I really like it, and I have it on my toes! It is like a cool kelly green, but more rich!

This is a really cool company, very fun and flirty!

The color I have:

Name: Trust In Fashion

You can check out the site here:

Other colors: There was a lot of other pictures, but I just used this one picture!